One article to sum up 2003…

Here’s the one article to sum up what 2003 in the US was like… From CNN: FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs I’d like to point out that this is sheer insanity. So let’s hope that in this next year we will lose our fears and paranoia, that we will re-learn to [...]

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Today’s Front Pages

The Newseum website offers daily front pages of over a hundred newspapers worldwide as screenshots and fully readable PDFs. It’s interesting to browse through a random cross-section of front pages from all over the world – some subjects easily make it on most of the front pages, but then there are interesting local stories that [...]

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Hill 88

Hill 88 is an abandoned Nike missile control center high up in the Marin Headlands near San Francisco. I’m a regular visitor of this place on my hikes across from the ocean to the bay, and on a recent visit the place was shrouded in fog. It was a cold and drizzly Sunday and I [...]


I found this via… 28MM is a photo magazine featuring a handful of outstanding photographers every month. In the November edition, take a look at the amazing pictures by Katie Cooke taken with a scanner (And why not? Nobody said your camera can’t have a square 9×11 inch aperture…). And then there is of [...]

Old Light

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I became a camera collector of a sort… and the really exciting part is to actually drop some film into a camera from the 1940s, go out and take pictures! Here are two examples of what is possible with these cameras. The first picture was taken with a [...]

Brownies, Monitors and Vigilants

Thanks to the modern marvel that is eBay, I’ve found myself involved in a whole new hobby – collecting old cameras. I became particularily interested in old Kodak cameras from the 1940s and 50s and I’ve found many of these on eBay, all of them for very reasonable prices. The pride of the collection right [...]

The Memory Hole

Journalists are only human beings, and as such are fallible. They can be threatened, they can be forced, or they could just plain have a different opinion than what counts for the truth. This is not much of a problem as long as a free society is cruising through a peaceful decade or two. But [...]

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