Coding With Experience

Over at DadHacker, Landon is celebrating his 30th year of programming in C. It’s a great reminiscence across several decades of coding, ending in three golden rules that should be repeated in the first chapter of every future programming manual: Leave the existing brace style in the code alone or change all of it Keep […]

More Clones Coming…

Here’s an interesting new clone of 80s home computers: The FPGA Arcade (not sure if that’s the final name) is based on a Xilinx FPGA and will be a multi-machine clone for the Atari ST, Amiga and older 8-bit systems all on one main board. From the blog it looks like they will be very […]

Flight Sim History

While googling up another arcane feature of the Atari ST system hardware I stumbled over this: The Flight Simulator History page. It offers a very comprehensive history of all versions of FS and background about its creators, and then in addition pre-built emulator packages so you can go and check out what Flight Simulator looked […]