Exciting Times

We are living in exciting times! The search for planets outside of the solar system has been heating up considerably over the last few years and we have now hundreds of planets in our maps in a slowly expanding sphere of several hundred light years from earth. However due to the current detection systems, our […]

Cloud City

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog lately, mostly due to complete exhaustion and sleep deprivation – ahh, the life of new parents…  🙂 There are a few things to talk about, but before I get back to the usual blogging routine, here’s an update on my daily commute: It still rocks! Last Thursday […]

Watercolors in the Rain

My photo “Dancing across Broadway” has long been a favorite of mine and so I was delighted when I got a request from Amanda Spencer if she could use it as inspiration for one of her watercolors… …and here it is! Amanda did a great job with this picture – I really love the way she […]

The Bleeding Edge

My Spectrum Visualizer has made quite some waves across the blogosphere and it’s been a lot of fun to check out the considerable traffic to the Stories In Flight server. Of all the writeups I’ve found, here is the one I’ll use for my resume: OK this must be the bleedingest-edge project I’ve seen in […]