Smart Phones Killed The Suspense

It’s fairly certain that I’m not the first person to point this out or to even notice this, but there has been a distinct lack of compelling suspense novels written in the second decade of the 21st century. And it’s not just suspense. Crime fiction, adventure novels and near-future science fiction seem all to go […]

Around the World in 1936

A while ago I bought this item on eBay – it was essentially a random find that intrigued me. It is the guest list of the 1936 round-the-world trip of the S.S. President Monroe out of San Francisco. (link to full scan of all pages on Flickr) The annotations on the actual guest list are […]

Infinite City

I recently finished reading Rebecca Solnit’s excellent “Infinite City” (Amazon), and for somebody like me who likes maps, history and San Francisco it was a pleasure throughout. If you love San Francisco, buy it now. One of the main themes of the book is that every person has a very different mental map of the […]

Watercolors in the Rain

My photo “Dancing across Broadway” has long been a favorite of mine and so I was delighted when I got a request from Amanda Spencer if she could use it as inspiration for one of her watercolors… …and here it is! Amanda did a great job with this picture – I really love the way she […]

The Third and The Seventh

Alex Roman has spent a year creating one of the most astonishing CG short films that I’ve seen in a long time: The Third & The Seventh (HD version at vimeo). The film can be best described as a meditation on architecture, photography and the sense of space and depth in the world around us. […]


China officially recognizes 56 ethnic groups in the country, a fact that is easy to overlook when one travels through the major population centers which look dominantly Han. A trip into the countryside very often reveals a different picture, with smaller villages sporting very different faces and sometimes also different attire from the typical Chinese […]

Where’s Gigi?

New York based artist Josh Gosfield has created a quite astonishing piece with his “Gigi Gaston, The Black Flower” exhibition, which just recently closed at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Manhattan. Gosfield manufactured the life story for an imaginary 1960s French singer, complete with posters, records, many magazine covers and even a music video and […]

Phase II

Due to some random link-clicking I ended up on the Star Trek Phase II website, which I had not been on for several years… This is the site of a group of Star Trek fans that spend considerable time and energy on creating new episodes of the original series. It is interesting – and frankly […]