Travel Memories

Here’s some short travel memories from my Twitter account…

Travel diaries, 1991. In Xian’s mosque I again meet the old man. He’s 82, worked for British in the 1930s. He delights in showing me around.

Travel diaries, 1993. Wake up at 3am, sleeper train to Kunming. The steam engine on the next track hisses and breaths like an angry dragon.

Travel diaries, 1991. While biking through a narrow alley in Beijing, I encounter a small monkey on a bike going the other way. We both nod.

Travel diaries, 1989. I’m floating on my back in the Mississippi river, far from the bank. As I turn, I see a paddle steamer heading for me.

Travel diaries, 1989. Shanghai. All around me thousands watch the students march. A young couple turns to me. “Are you VOA? Are you BBC?”


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